Amiga RSX Console Replacement

Product Description:


The RSX Console Enhancement/Replacement enables you to replace the Amiga system console on your COMPRO RSX System with a standard Pentium PC with the recommended configuration.


Product Benefits:


  • Eliminates an obsolete, unsupportable single point of failure
  • Reduces MTTR
  • Increases MTBF
  • Improved Graphics
  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Works on standard COTS hardware


Model Numbers and Configurations:


  • 1965-PC-CD# CONCEPT/PC Console Software Kit CD (CD Media) Customer-furnished PC must meet minimum requirements (below)
  • 1965-PC-Z# CONCEPT/PC Console Software Kit - ZIP (ZIP Media) Customer-furnished PC must meet minimum requirements (below)
  • 1965-PC-SYSTEM CONCEPT/PC System consisting of PENTIUM Processor, Concept Software pre-installed, tested and certified, minimum 512MB RAM, 17" Color LCD Monitor, Graphics Accelerator, Hard Drive, 3.5" 1.44mb Diskette Drive, Ethernet I/O, Keyboard, Mouse, CD ROM drive, Windows XP OS. The above configuration may be upgraded due to market conditions, but will not be below the following listed specifications.


Minimum Hardware Requirements:


  • 486 DX2 66mhz CPU or Higher (Pentium highly recommended)
  • 16MB Memory Installed
  • COM 1 or COM 2 Port Available
  • 23MB of Hard Drive Space on C:
  • Color Monitor 800x600 W/256 Color VGA Graphic
  • Installed in default Directory: C:\RSX_CON DIRECTORY
  • 1965-PC-xx# does not support RSX180 or PPM configurations


* Minimum Software Requirements:


  • Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0, or Windows 2000/XP
  • Microsoft Direct-X (Tested with Direct-X revision 5)

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