PILOT™ Desktop Simulator

COMPRO’s PILOT system delivers real-time high quality training in the technical aspects of aircraft operation. PILOT™ operates using commercial off-the shelf components (laptop with an inline keyboard, throttle, and joystick) and a software application that runs with COMPRO’s powerful MUSE™ simulation software at its core.

The portability of PILOT™ provides you with the freedom to take the device and exercise specific tasks anywhere and at any time. Capabilities and features may include:


  • Simulated aircraft system with weapon, electrical flight control, and navigation systems
  • Dynamic tactical scenarios
  • Training capabilities for: day and night normal operations, day and night takeoffs and landings, and Air-to-Ground weapons delivery (guns, rockets, and bombs)
  • Tactical models for unguided weapons
  • Autopilot mode
  • Interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI) and hot keys
  • Realistic engine and warning sounds


The entire system – from the visual database to displayable instruments, panels, and indicators – is customized to meet your specific requirements! For additional information, click here.

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