Flight Training Systems

COMPRO is a turnkey provider of flight simulation products and services. We offer a wide range of product solutions for military and commercial customers ranging from fast jets to classroom learning systems. COMPRO also has participated in numerous commercial and military simulator upgrades to include host systems modernization and technology enhancements.

COMPRO’s flight training systems products include:


  • MUSE™ software provides a complete suite of simulator software and capabilities for both military and

         commercial applications. MUSE™ is in use today at customer sites as the core component for realistic

         trainingdevices, and as a prototyping tool used to explore aircraft, cockpit, weapon, and avionics system



         off-load training tasks from a Full Mission Simulator (FMS). Our TPT product lines include the AM-X and A-1.


  • Part Task Trainers (PTT) can be used to off-load some of the training tasks from the Full Mission Simulator

         (FMS). The PTT is a fixed-base trainer that typically does not include a full visual system but uses some of

         the flight management and control systems as a full-up simulator, making it the ideal for instrument

         familiarization and other standard flight operations. Our PTT product line includes the F-16.


  • Portable Desktop Simulators (PDS) deliver real time high quality training in the technical aspects of aircraft operation without custom hardware. The whole system operates under a standard PC architecture with software models consistent with computer-based training simulators.


  • Virtual Cockpit Simulators (VCS) provide a display library from which you can configure practically any known aircraft cockpit layout. The display library contains the most common conventional avionic and navigation instruments, military tactical and weapon systems, and several synthetic imaging systems such as radar and FLIR. The VCS display library contains aircraft-specific displays (for example, F-16, F/A-18, AMX). These aircraft-specific displays are intended to be as similar to the actual operational aircraft as possible.


These products have been provided to governments and commercial customers around the world.

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