Innovaciones en la Industria

Real-time digital computer


Computer made entirely of integrated circuits


Computer to use 750 nanosecond core memory


32-bit minicomputer


32-bit single-board computer


Multiprocessor minicomputer


Native port of UNIX to 32-bit architecture


ECL-based UNIX(R) super-minicomputer


Merged BSD and System V UNIX


NCSC-certified secure UNIX


Distributed shared memory (REFLECTIVE MEMORY System)


Parallel UNIX


Parallel MACH


Parallel Ada


Memory-centric architecture


Kernel threads for System V UNIX

Development environment for multiprocessor real-time applications


Massively scaleable enterprise server


Intelligent data sharing facility for Mainframes, UNIX,  and PC LANs


Proprietary legacy binary application code, running on open systems


PCI-based Analog-Digital Interface (PCI-ADI) to communicate with legacy Real Time Peripherals Corporation analog/digital interface subsystems

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