MUSE™ Mission Recording and Playback

Optionally, the MUSE™ software can record the mission and key mission events. You can save the mission and events in files. These files can later be used for static analysis and evaluation, or dynamic mission replay on a debriefing station.

The MUSE™ debriefing software allows you to review/analyze the mission as often as desired. Capabilities include:


  • Controlling the speed and direction during the playback of the recorded mission (frame-by-frame, forward, rewind, fast forward, stop).
  • Displaying instruments/controls
  • Displaying a log with time stamps of all events that occurred during the mission, including switch movements and emergencies.
  • Moving the eye point to any angle in the mission arena (out-the-window; left side/right side/back side views, zoom in/zoom out, any perspective/attitude).
  • Showing the position and movement of all players in the arena using trails. The trails show yaw, pitch, and roll of the moving object, bomb drops, and ordnance impact points.

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