MUSE™ Instructor/Operator Station (IOS)

COMPRO's MUSE™ Instructor/Operator Station software is the simulation industry's latest IOS solution for both commercial and military applications.  It can readily replace your aging IOS or seamlessly integrate with a new simulator.


The latest version is 3.0, which offers the following features:


  • Interactive Page Builder tool provides a quick, intuitive GUI for creating IOS pages.
  • 2D/3D Indicator/Panel Builder GUI tool for simple control panel or glass cockpit element creation or modification.
  • Real Time HUD Builder tool, offers a GUI for easy HUD design and maintenance without restarting the IOS software.  All changes are seen in real time.
  • Real Time Flight Data Tuning GUI tool permits interactive aircraft flight parameter and data modification in host-connected and stand-alone modes.
  • Flexible Host Connection via Ethernet, Reflective Memory System (RMS), or High Speed Device (GPIO-HSD) with included API.
  • Standard, Low Cost Hardware: Runs on a single, readily available COTS Linux PC.
  • Laptop Compatibility: Runs on a laptop for off-site IOS development and maintenance.
  • Standardized Data Compatibility: Reads standard XML data files for loading flight model data tables and other simulator data via simple user interface.


Mission Scenario Planning


MUSE™ uses either a real environment database or geographic map to plan your training scenario.  This offers extremely precise positioning of mission "players" in the scenario.  For military applications, loadouts are displayed using 3D models for a simple, intuitive user experience.


Run Time Features


The following features are available while the MUSE™ IOS software is operating during a training session:


  • Multiple Players Camera Views:  Any angle and distance may be applied to the camera, permitting a wide range of combinations to see each individual player in the gaming area.
  • Movie Option: MUSE™ IOS is capable of stopping the training, and playing a movie that displays any desired training operation the instructor desires.  No special "pre-conditioning" is required, and all training elements are automatically captured during the simulation.
  • Real Time 3D Parameters: The instructor can display any two relative aircraft parameters in 3D, such as "altitude" by "meters per second," all in real time.
  • Real Time 2D/3D Panels:  Any IOS panel can be repositioned or resized in 2D or 3D during training.
  • Real Time Sensor Tuning:  Sensor parameters, such as radar, can be interactively adjusted for each player.  Radar and data for each player can be viewed in real time.


MUSE™ IOS Options


Three flexible MUSE™ IOS options are available, providing a perfectly-tailored solution to meet your unique requirements.


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