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COMPRO’s Modular Universal Simulation Environment (MUSE™) software is a unique simulator development and real-time simulation environment. The MUSE™ simulation – from the visual database to displayable instruments, controls, panels, and/or indicators – can be customized to meet your specific requirements.


MUSE™ is specifically designed to facilitate customer code re-use for modeling common platforms or mission systems in aerial vehicles (fixed wing or rotary/UAV), land vehicles, and sea-borne vessels. The software’s tactical mission environments expose the simulated weapons system to realistic threat stimuli while performing a mission. The threat stimuli are generated via the simulation of enemy defense systems. These threats are in the form of surface-to-air, air-to-surface, and air-to-air engagements, generated wholly within MUSE™ or multiple Man-In-The-Loop (MITL) simulators.


Even though MUSE™ was originally designed for military applications, the software also is entirely capable of supporting commercial applications.

Benefits include:


  • Significant reduction in development cost and risk
  • Shorter development schedule
  • Realistic dynamic simulation
  • Realistic threat environment simulation
  • Mission scenario development
  • Real-world digital terrain database
  • Out-the-Window visual scene
  • Reconfigurable displays


MUSE™ lets you define the initial mission conditions (scenario parameters) for the environment and players, and model the operation of sensors and countermeasure equipment, weapons, and enemy defense systems.



MUSE™ is a comprehensive software framework for creating a high-fidelity simulation environment for any vehicle or system. It provides multiple-player (friend and foe) interactions within a simulated real-world environment. MUSE™ is a multiple-entity, interactive environment and may simulate any aircraft, ship, or land vehicle as well as a surface-to-air missile (SAM) site or anti-aircraft battery.


The MUSE™ database simulates a real-world environment. You can increase the realism of the environment by adding cultural features such as buildings, roads, rivers, and forests.



MUSE™ provides the following capabilities:



To download the MUSE™ software product brochure, click here.

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