PCI High Speed Device Interface (GPIO-HSD)

COMPRO's GPIO-HSD interface provides customers with 100% proven High Speed Device (HSD) functionality and compatibility.  The GPIO-HSD offers a PCI bus controller emulation of the legacy COMPRO HSD II SelBUS board.


Software Support:


  • Linux


Application (HSD = High Speed Data interface)


  • Drive HSD peripherals from a PCI bus host CPU
  • Data link between a PCI host and COMPRO host
  • Test existing HSD-compatible devices with a PC or other PCI bus host




100% GUARANTEED COMPATIBILITY - Compro's GPIO-HSD is the only available product, designed by the HSD original equipment manufacturer, that guarantees full compatibility with legacy HSD controllers

SAVE ON HOST OVERHEAD - The GPIO-HSD has all HSD functions resident in onboard firmware, reducing compute load on the host processor

SAVE MONEY - Continue using your existing HSD-based I/O subsystems without any changes

REDUCES INSTALLATION TIME - Simple to install and easy to use software

DECREASES REPAIR AND TESTING - Fast, economical verification of existing HSD I/O links


Product Features:


    • Emulation of the following HSD modes:
      • Device Mode
      • IBL Mode
      • External Mode
      • Device Emulation Mode
    • Short 6.95" PCI board Type-5 form factor
    • Handles both big and little Endian conversions of 32-bit data
    • On-board FIFO
    • Connects with existing legacy I/O cables
    • Loop-back self-test
    • Program I/O or DMA-PCI bus data transfers
    • No hardware or software additions or modifications required to connect with existing SEL, Gould, Encore or Compro computers.
    • Direct interface to simulator visual, IOS, control loading, linkage and other subsystems
    • Totally software configurable (no jumpers!)


Linux Driver and Library API Supplied


  • Supports all IOCB/IOCL commands
  • Emulates COMPRO HSD II IOCB/IOCL data structures
  • Post Program Controller Interrupt support (PPCI)
  • Example programs provided for installation verification and programming techniques






  • Board:  0.06" thick FR-4 flame-retardant multi-layer epoxy glass fiber printed circuit board
  • Dimensions:  Length 6.95", Height 4.2"




  • PCI Bus to Chassis:  Standard 3.3VDC/32-bit card edge
  • GPIO-HSD to Adapter Board:  One 100-pin high-density connector at rear edge of board
  • Adapter Board to HSD Interface:  Two 50-pin IDC-compatible male headers for connection to standard HSD cables


Weight:  1.2 pounds


Electrical:  Power is supplied via the host PC chassis backplane.  Voltage +5VDC, Current 1.5 amps




  • Temperature:  0 decrees to +131 degrees Fahrenheit operating, and -40 degrees to +176 degrees standby
  • Humidity:  Up to 90% RH, non-condensing
  • Altitude:  0 to 10,000 feet AMSL operating, and 0 to 40,000 feet standby
  • Vibration:  Withstands normal transportation stresses
  • Cooling:  Provided by the host PC cooling fans


Modes Supported:


  • IBL:  PCI Host to any HSD supporting IBL mode.
  • HSD:  PC to External Device


Transfer Rates:


  • Data from onboard FIFO to external device at rates exceeding 10 Mbytes per second
  • Data internally across the PCI bus in burst mode rates of 132 Mbytes per second per PCI industry specifications


To download the GPIO-HSD product brochure, click here.

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