Training Products & Services

We have a long tradition of supporting your needs with a comprehensive suite of training products and options:


  • Aural Cueing System (ACS) is low-cost hardware/software for flight training devices that controls and mixes voice and digitally stored sounds.
  • HIDAS is a flexible data acquisition system for logically connecting physical devices (switches, etc.) to a PC or workstation.
  • IOS Emulator is a cost-effective way to migrate a Vistagraphics and Charles River Data System flight simulator IOS to a modern PC.
  • MUSE Glass Builder is a 2-D and 3-D model editor tool for easily creating simulator instruments, gauges, and panels.
  • MUSE Logic Builder is a logic schematic creation tool for simulator program debugging and troubleshooting.
  • Simulator upgrades encompass lifecycle enhancements to military and commercial visual training flight simulators.

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