MUSE™ Mission Scenario Planning

MUSE™ has an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) which allows you to define the players and parameters for the mission’s scenario. The parameters can include:

  • Plan per player including geographic positions, speed, altitude, designated route points, and target


  • Wind speed and direction


  • Departure location and time of day


  • Bullseye position


  • Loadout (ammunition/ordnance, electronic countermeasure quantities) and fuel quantity


  • Mission configuration (reconnaissance/counterattack)

During mission planning, the user also assigns a battle dimension (aerial, land, and sea-based targets) and equipment type for each player.

These allow the MUSE™ threat software to provide targets that include pre-programmed tactics and characteristics such as:


  • aerial, sea, and land-based emitters


  • radar frequencies


  • electronic countermeasures


  • combat patrol patterns

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