Secure LCRS Option (S-LCRS)



The computer systems used in U.S. armed forces’ environments must meet Information Assurance (IA) security requirements. To meet this demand, COMPRO offers the Secure Legacy Computer Replacement System option (S-LCRS) that can be added to any existing or future LCRS configuration.


S-LCRS is a separate single-point-of access Secure Linux Gateway (SLG) computer system running an IA-approved version of Linux. This SLG connects to one or more Embedded LCRS/Application Processors (ELAPs) that execute legacy SEL/Gould/Encore application code. All console traffic to the ELAPs is via the SLG; therefore all system access is captured, logged, and archived.


The figure below illustrates S-LCRS:

The ELAP executes a combination of customized kernel, LCRS application, legacy MPX-32 operating system, and legacy binary application code. Because of the custom kernel, the ELAP is truly an “embedded” solution.

To download COMPRO's S-LCRS Option white paper, please click here.

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