VCS Configuration

The Virtual Cockpit Simulator uses commercial off-the-shelf, Linux®-based hardware and software that runs our high-fidelity Modular Universal Simulation Environment (MUSE™) software. The trainer consists of the pilot station, an Instructor Operator Station (IOS), and computer cabinet.

The pilot station consists of cockpit controls and an Out-The-Window (OTW) visual scene displayed on color monitors.  Hands-on throttle and stick controls are available for radar operations, weapons selection, and firing.


All VCS functional controls and instrument panels are representative of the actual aircraft parts through the use of photo-realistic images.


The IOS, which serves as the primary interface to the trainer/instructor functions, consists of a COTS monitor, keyboard and mouse.


The computer system, which executes all the relevant calculations to simulate VCS procedures, uses COTS industry-standard rackmount computers.

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