Virtual Cockpit Simulator (VCS)

Our Virtual Cockpit Simulator (VCS) features the same high-fidelity simulations in our fully tactile-based TPT and PTT simulators. However, the VCS provides a lower cost, highly-maintainable, virtualized cockpit utilizing LCD screens in place of the replicated controls of the flight training device. Our VCS cockpit features touch screen, fully-interactive, 2D representations of the cockpit environment.

The VCS provides you with a highly-detailed training and engineering environment in a virtual cockpit environment. The simulator, which is configurable to meet your specific training requirements, offers an economical way for training air crews.


The VCS provides close replication of a specific cockpit layout and switch/gauge logic. The training device simulates real time flight performance, modes of operation, and display systems.


The VCS also supports training in emergency procedures, instrument flight, and air-to-air and air-to-ground combat training within a dense threat environment. In addition, pilots can practice acquiring and identifying targets and accurately delivering weapons under a full range of weather conditions at any time of day.


The Out-The-Window (OTW) view includes geographical features, cultural features, missile flyouts, gun tracers, weapons detonations upon impact, and various weapons and aircraft configurations. Threat warnings relating to airborne and surface threats allow the pilot to dispense chaff and flares to counter incoming missiles.



Note:  To download the Virtual Cockpit Simulator product brochure, click here.

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