MUSE™ Mission Execution

With MUSE™, the simulated systems available during mission execution can include:

  • Engine and fire protection
  • Flight controls
  • Self-defense (such as chaff/flare dispenser)
  • Reconnaissance pod
  • Electric
  • Hydraulic/Oil
  • Landing gear and brakes
  • Fuel, Warning, Oxygen,
  • Environmental

The MUSE™ software provides the capability to "freeze" the entire simulation at any given time and insert new conditions, initial positions, stores, and configurations etc. while in “freeze” mode. Other capabilities available during mission execution may include:

  • Selecting and invoking from more than 80 Emergency Procedures (EPs) at any point
  • Displaying fuel, ECM, gun round, and weapon quantities
  • Displaying tactical movements and instruments
  • Displaying bomb and strafing gun sites
  • Changing the visual effects (such as snow, rain, clear) and time-of-day
  • Displaying the training path being taken
  • Displaying visual trails that show the actual travel path of ordnance, ejected stores, etc.

MUSE’s dynamic GUI, which has full 3-D capability, allows you to:

  • Resize, move, and zoom in/out on windows, instruments, and panels anywhere on the screen.
  • Have multiple windows open/layered.
  • Simultaneously play a movie with a sound track (such as a training video).
  • Easily take “snapshots” of windows for subsequent After-Action Review.

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