TPT SDF and VDF Facilities

The TPT Software Development Facility (SDF) and Visual Database Development Facility (VDF) consist of commercial-off-the-shelf PCs and peripherals. The software provided as part of these facilities enable the modification and updates to the TPT software (simulation, data acquisition/simulation, instructor station software, etc.), along with allowing the creation and modification of the training scenario.


  • The Software Development Facility provides the means to:
  • Alter aircraft and systems characteristics.
  • Modify/activate malfunctions and abnormal conditions.
  • Change ordnance load configurations and armament characteristics to follow the aircraft make and model.
  • Create/modify radio stations and navigation aids.
  • Create/modify software models.


The Visual Database Development Facility provides the means to:


  • Create/modify the tactics scenario/training area.
  • Perform terrain modeling using Defense Mapping Agency (DMA) digital terrain elevation data (DTED), satellites images, maps, charts, photos, etc.
  • Create/modify 2- and 3-dimensional moving and fixed models.


The SDF and VDF contain an Ethernet interface to support the download of software and data.

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