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Número de pieza Descripción
6061-003010-009 TIC-A board, 32 TTL IN; AMPLIMITE Locking         
6061-003010-019 TIC-B board, 32 TTL OUT – Positive; AMPLIMITE Locking
6061-003010-029            TIC-C board, 32 TTL IN and Two 12 Bit Encoder In; AMPLIMITE Locking 
6061-003010-039            TIC-D board, 32 TTL OUT and Two 12 Bit Encoder In; AMPLIMITE Locking 
6061-003010-049            TIC-E board, 16 TTL IN & 16 TTL OUT or 2 8x8 Matrix; AMPLIMITE Locking 
6061-003010-069 TIC-G board, 32 TTL OUT-Negative; AMPLIMITE Locking
6061-003020-009 AIC board, 8 Analog IN; AMPLIMITE Locking          
6061-003030-009 AOC board, 8 Analog OUT; AMPLIMITE Locking   
6061-003040-009 DDC board, 32 Display Driver OUT; AMPLIMITE Locking
6061-000300-001            LDC-A board, 32 5x7 Matrix Alphanumeric LEDs; 5x10 AMPMODU         
6061-000300-002 LDC-B board, 4 banks of 12 7-Segment LEDs; 5x10 AMPMODU   
6061-000300-003            LDC-C board, 16 5x7 Matrix Alphanumeric LEDs; 5x10 AMPMODU (ALE-47 DCDU)           
6061-000300-004 LDC-D board, custom Resolver Serial Interface; 5x10 AMPMODU (EA-6B 89A Antenna Bearing) 
6061-000300-005 LDC-A board, with extended character set        
6061-000300-305 LDC-A board, with enhanced character set (includes extended and inverse characters).
Note: This board supersedes part numbers 6061-
000300-105 and 6061-000300-205.
6061-000310-009 LED Interface board  
6061-000400-009 400 Hz EL panel driver board, 115VAC
6061-000500-009 Dimmer Filter (5 volts; 1-8 amps)      
6061-000500-019 Dimmer Filter (28 volts; 1-8 amps)    
6061-000500-029 Dimmer Filter (5 volts; 9-16 amps)    
6061-000500-039 Dimmer Filter (28 volts; 9-16 amps)  
6061-000500-049 Dimmer Filter (5 volts; 17-29 amps)  
6061-000700-xxx Intensity Translator, where xxx=
009 – Type A
019 – Type B
029 – Type C
039 – Type D
049 – Type E         
6061-000750-009 Intensity Controller     
6061-001000-009 Differential I/O driver board
6061041-003 9-slot Backplane
6061-000200-001            PCI Bus Link Controller and Linux® driver; includes diagnostic software
6061-002010-009 Cable adapter, TIC AMPLIMITE board to AMPMODU wiring
6061-002020-009 Cable adapter, AIC AMPLIMITE board to AMPMODU wiring
6061-002030-009 Cable adapter, AOC AMPLIMITE board to AMPMODU wiring           
6061-002040-009            Cable adapter, DDC AMPLIMITE board to AMPMODU wiring           
6061-002050-009            Cable adapter, LDC AMPLIMITE board to AMPMODU wiring           
6061-002060-009            Cable adapter, DIO AMPLIMITE board to AMPMODU wiring
6061-0005-HIT            Test board set:
Extender (6061-000900-009)
Backplane Tester (6061-000910-009)
Loop Passer (6061-000920-009)  
3572-C10009  Card cage, cooling fan, and modular power supplies sized for your custom application         
rtio-001           Custom real-time I/O software application system with:
engineering unit conversion
advanced development tools
reflective memory (MIL-STD-1553)
ARINC 429 interfaces
  1. Contact us for the current price of each component. All prices are FOB, Melbourne, Florida. Taxes are applied to sales as required by the State of Florida and the U.S. Federal Government. Payment is due on receipt.


    2. Please call for a quotation based on exact quantities. For planning purposes a typical flight training device uses 15 AOCs, 10 AICs, 35 TICs, 15 DDCs, and 9 Backplanes.


     3. Delivery is 4-12 weeks ARO depending on board type and quantity in stock.

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